Bidvertiser is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense. If you thinking of finding an alternative for Google Adsense then Bidvertiser may the one you should put on your list.

So, here I wanted to share the comparison between these two.

As we know Bidvertiser ads are very similar to Google Adsense ads. In other words, it is a mimic of the Adsense's ads. And if I was you, I would not dare to mixed it on the same page of my blog. Since it is against the Google Adsense term and conditions. However some of publishers say that it is allowed by GoogleAdsense. But my advice is, it is better for you to contact Google Adsense directly.

Bidvertiser's advantage
1)Bidvertiser pays via paypal. It is quicker compare to cheque.

2)Bidvertiser's minimum payout is $10 via paypal. So it is much faster than what Adsense does. Minimum payout for Adsense is $100 via cheque.

Bidvertiser's disadvantage
1)Ads not relevant with your content. For example, I embeded bidvertiser's code on my soccer blog. But there are lot of irrelevant ads such as weight loss, diet and many more. But Adsense does relevant.

2)Google Adsense have high and better reputation. As I mentioned before some people complained that Bidvertiser did not pay them. But some say they did pay. So it is better for you to experiment it to find out.

I'm sure you need more information about Bidvertiser and Google Adsense.

I hope can help you.

Since I got so many question on this topics then I did some research. I've been reading the Google Adsense TOS but still did not fulfilled my needs. And I'm very sure that many of you facing the same problem or even same nightmare. Afraid of getting banned!

How do i get banned

So, if you got other useful tips please share with us(",)

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